We hold various classes where we aim to give you a glimpse of the spirit world. The purpose of the classes is to heal and give insights which can be useful for your progress on the path.

LiVe from the heart

Embracing love is a well known concept within spirituality, but how do we actually do it? In the Live from the Heart classes you’ll receive practical techniques on how to create more love in your life. 

Divine Breathing

Divine breathing is a breathing technique which will very effectively launch you into a deep meditative state. Within you there’s a whole other world waiting to be explored. With this technique you’ll be able to heal, manifest, channel or freely explore the inner world.

With rapid breathing together with rythmic music you’ll experience a higher state of consciousness. The experience is a travel beyond the body and gives room for insights and healing.


Meditation is a practice to bring more inner harmony and to learn how to be in the now. When you learn to be in the now you open up to feelings of happiness, joy, love and inner strength. 

The main reason why we fail to live in the now is usually our thought patterns and not any external circumstances. Meditation is a fantastic tool for creating a state of being which will last and not be affected by outer circumstances. 

During our classes you’ll receive an introduction to meditation, what it is and how it works. Besides that we’ll meditation together and end with affirmations.


Do I need any spiritual background to attend the Live from the Heart class ?

No, the courses are designed to be applicable for everyone even though there’s spiritual concepts connected to it.

How is this different from the love I feel for my partner and kids ?

It’s not. It’s the same love we all experience. The process is to not exclude anything from this love. By identifing the love within us we learn to keep a hold on it.

Can anyone attend Divine Breathing ?

Anyone who’s healthy and mentally stable can join. The sessions can give you a strong experience so it’s important to have a spiritual background.

Do I need any experience with breathing techniques to join ?

Even though it can help you a lot, you do not need any past experience. You’ll learn to perfect the breathing with each class. 

I have never meditated before, is that a problem ?

No, everyone is welcome to join.  If you’re new It’s important to not compare yourself to others. We’re all at different places on our journey. 

I already medidate regulary by myself, can I still join ?

Yes, it’ll still be a benefit for you. By meditating with others you can usally get a stronger connection and by listening to others you might get insights you have overlooked. 

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