Episode 1

Our Spiritual Awakening

Magnus and Tobias Ahlberg head down memory lane and take you back to the very beginning of their spiritual journeys. They explain when they first started looking for answers to the deeper questions in life. Eventually their quest for answers led them to their spiritual awakenings.

Even though they traveled through different paths in their lives they would eventually find a common interest in spirituality. Magnus had studied spiritual literature throughout his life and one day he was able to put all the pieces together and found an understanding to our existence.

Tobias had no prior interest in spirituality and rejected it for the most part of his life. But one day he had a spiritual experience so profound that it changed his life.

Having a common interest in spirituality and an urge to make something different with their lives they decided to start up the company Maldorma.

Episode 2

A Meeting with Mother Nature

The brothers discuss what motivated them to continue their path in spirituality. They talk about a series of events which would eventually result in them having their own experiences.

They discover the work of Terrence McKenna and are mesmerized by the talks and experiences he had throughout his life. It inspired them to embark on their own journey with psychedelics in order to find the answers to the mystery of life.

Tune in as they guide you through their first experiences on psychedelics including a very special meeting with mother nature.

Episode 3

Our Spiritual Breakthrough and a Glimpse of Nirvana

Does god exist? This is a question we have asked ourselves for a very long time. An mind-blowing experience would change the brothers perspective on reality and convince them that there’s another reality then the one we’re used too. It would prove to be a big breakthrough in their search for the truth.

They continue to talk about their experiences and how this would eventually lead up to an experience of nirvana. A state of awareness so powerful that it could turn sinners to saints.

After having their own experiences they their view of what you need to do in order to invoke these spiritual experiences.

Episode 4

Facing Fear

Fear is something that we all experience from time to time. In this episode the brothers talk about experiences which can be though and frightening.

Tobias talk about a near death experience that had a profound change on his outlook on life and Magnus share how he came back into a positive mind set after feeling complete hopelessness.

Talking from personal experiences, they share what they believe is the best way to handle the less enjoyable moments in life.

Episode 5

Entering Higher States of Consciousness

In this episode the brothers talk about what it feels like to be in a blissful state of awareness and how it has changed their perspective on life. It showed them that you’re suppose to be in the new. By being fully present you’ll find that the food taste better, music is much crisper and you appreciate life in a more fulfilling way.

They share some theoretical background to what they have experienced. They theorize that the external would is in fact an illusion and that how we’re all connected to the one consciousness.

Episode 6

The First Meeting

Is there beings of higher consciousness and can you get in contact with them? The brothers talk about an event that would change their lives in a drastic way. For the very first time in their lives they would start to receive a connection with a higher consciousness that communicate with them.

Their explorations within their consciousness would provided them with a theory for the meaning of our existence. An explanation that we’re all here on a journey to find our true Self.

Having thrown themselves into to the unknown they share what it’s like to experience the other side of our reality. A place which will make our physical universe feel alien by comparison.

Episode 7

The Power of the Awakening

The brothers share their most powerful experience to date which sent them to the limit of what they could handle. An event which they theorize showed the underlying force of the universe that is ready to awaken humanity into a new state of consciousness.

Through personal experiences they share why you should try to avoid the desires of the ego in the presence of the spiritual and why it's better to focus on the teachings.

It's when we truly believe that something is possible that we discover the god within us. You are a divine being who create your own reality. The brothers were told what you need to focus on in order to achieve your goals.

Episode 8

The evolution of consciousness

The evolution of our consciousness is becoming a more debated subject for each day. One man who offered a detailed explanation on this subject was a spiritual teacher by the name of Martinus Thomsen.

In this episode Tobias share one of his spiritual adventures while Magnus explain the spiritual teachings provided by Martinus. Interestingly enough Tobias journey presented an almost identical explanation as Martinus.

Please join the brothers as they discuss the evolution of consciousness.

Episode 9

Rediscovery of the self

In beauty you'll find the divinity. It's where you'll find the experiences which will open you up to the spiritual. Magnus share his meeting with higher beings where they explain a mindset you can follow to progress on your spiritual journey. 

A common concept within spirituality is that you should avoid having attachments. In this episode the brothers talk about attachments and why you should let them go.

Negativity is something most people are affected by. The brothers talk how negativity affects us on the spiritual level and gives insight on how we can rid ourselves from it. 

We're heading towards an understanding of what we truly are. To realize what the self is. The brothers theorize what happens when you're reaching the great awakening and explain the principles behind it.

Episode 10

Meditation for manifestation

What is the self? It's something we have been trying to find out since the dawn of man. Many argue that the self is everything and that we're all part of one unified consciousness. If that is true, then why can't we control the world around us. The brothers offer an explanation to this problem. 

During one of his experiences Magnus received a meditation technique for manifesting what you really desire. The hand hold far more power then we have yet to understand. We can use it to hypnotize our mind to weaken our ego.

Episode 11

God in physical form

Magnus describe when he met God in physical form, and Tobias talk about when he almost lost himself in a very high state of being. A state prior to external experience. 

Episode 12

Meeting Maharajji (Neem Karoli Baba)

Tobias describes an extraordinary experience where he met Neem Karoli Baba, also known as Maharajji. During the experience Maharajji showed Tobias what true divine power really means. 

Magnus explains why you cannot suffer if you see God in everything.

Episode 13

Meeting Mother Ayahuasca

In this episode Magnus and Tobias describe their first meeting with mother ayahuasha. A mind blowing experience that would take their spiritual journey to a completely new level and bringing a permanent transformation with it.

The shaman that held the cermonies was Naysha Silva, an amazing female peruvian shaman. If you wish to come in contact with her and her services you can contact her at her website http://www.taitainti.com/

Download the free ebook "A Book About Love and Happiness" here:

Episode 14

Psychedelics and Enlightenment

During a spiritual experience Magnus received information about using psychedelics as a tool to attain enlightenment. The brothers then decided to try this out together with a group of people of seven. In the summer of 2016 they would, with the help of psychedelics, experience states of Being unimaginable.

Episode 15

Kainchi Dham & Hanuman Ghari

A journet to India - Part 1

In the beginning of 2017 we visited India for three weeks. Our first destination was the famous Neem Karoli Baba ashram called Kainchi Dham. It was a very special moment for the both of us and it showed us that Maharaj-ji is very much alive in spirit. 

We also made our way to Hanuman Ghari and we're presently surprised how beautiful this ashram was.

Episode 16

Sombari Baba

On our next stop in India we visited the ashrams of the great saint Sombari Baba. We talk about our visits to Padampuri and Kakrighat where Sombari Baba lived during the later part of his life.

He was a saint in high regard who is considered to be one of the  greatest saints to walk this earth. Even the great saint Neem Karoli Baba said he was one of the greatest saints to ever bless us with his presence.