New moon and solar eclipse retreat

Friday, Aug 10, 2018
– Sunday, Aug 12, 2018

17:00 – 17:00

Be part of a transforming journey where you get to experience the magical high coast. Maldorma will be a part of this retreat where Tobias will run a course in shamanic breathing. Take the oppertunity to join this fantastic retreat where you’ll be able to experience:

  • Visit healing sites
  • Drum journey and ceremony with sami drum
  • Shamanic breathing
  • Channeled painting
  • Meditation
  • And much more

When: 10 August 17:00 – 12 August 17:00

Cost: 2500 SEK

For more information & booking, please contact

Event Location

High Coast

Event Fees

SEK 2500.00


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