Episode 7 – The Power of the Awakening

The brothers share their most powerful experience to date which sent them to the limit of what they could handle. An event which they theorize showed the underlying force of the universe that is ready to awaken humanity into a new state of consciousness. Through personal experiences they share why you should try to avoid the desires of the ego in the presence of the spiritual and why it’s better to focus on the teachings. It’s when we truly believe that something is possible that we discover the god within us. You are a divine being who create your own reality. The brothers were told what you need to focus on in order to achieve your goals.

Episode 1 – Our Spiritual Awakening

Magnus and Tobias Ahlberg head down memory lane and take you back to the very beginning of their spiritual journeys. They explain when they first started looking for answers to the deeper questions in life. Eventually their quest for answers led them to their spiritual awakenings. Even though they traveled through different paths in their lives they would eventually find a common interest in spirituality.

Magnus had studied spiritual literature throughout his life and one day he was able to put all the pieces together and found an understanding to our existence. Tobias had no prior interest in spirituality and rejected it for the most part of his life. But one day he had a spiritual experience so profound that it changed his life. Having a common interest in spirituality and an urge to make something different with their lives they decided to start up the company Maldorma.

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