Episode 21 – Interview with Arjun Bruggeman (Part 1 of 2)

Arjun Bruggeman is the tabla player of world famous kirtan singer Krishna Das. In this interview Arjun talks about his own spiritual journey, how he met and started to play with Krishna Das, meeting Ram Dass, his relationship to Neem Karoli baba and Siddhi Ma and more.

Arjun has also released a solo album and you can find it here: https://krishnadasmusic.com/collections/music/products/arjun 

Episode 19 – Satsang with Ram Dass & Kirtan with Krishna Das

Magnus recently traveled to Hawaii where he attended the Sunday satsang with Ram Dass & Krishna Das. He share his experience from this event and also share what happened when he also attended a kirtan concert with Krishna Das.

Last november Tobias traveled to New York to attend a kirtan concert and workshop with Krishna Das. He share what he experienced and learned from this event.

Episode 17 – Journey to India – Haidakhan Ashram

In this episode we talk about our visit to the ashrams of Haidakhan babaji and Hariakhan baba. Followers of these saints claim that they are the very same person.

During our visit to these ashrams we received some life changing insights as well as some remarkable experiences. All through the grace of Haidakhan Babaji.

Om Namah Shivaya

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