Episode 24 – Self Enquiry

Self enquiry is a practice which has been popularized by the great indian saint Ramana Maharshi. It's a direct way of investigating the "I" or the "I AM". In this episode the brothers talk about their own experience with this practice.

Episode 23 – Interview with Arjun Bruggeman (Part 2 of 2)

Arjun Bruggeman is the tabla player of world famous kirtan singer Krishna Das. This is the second interview of two with Arjun and in this episode he share a few stories and experiences that has affected his spiritual journey and life. He talk about his experiences...

Episode 22 – Matthew Ryan

Matthew Ryan is the creator of a unique healing modality called Gamma Wave Healing. He preform healing sessions both in person and remotely where he helps identifying and clearing energetic patterns. Matthew travels around the world teaching Gamma Wave Healing through...

About us

Maldorma is a company created by Magnus and Tobias Ahlberg during 2013 with the main purpose of spreading spirituality to the world. We publish books, hold lectures, workshops, meditation and breathing courses.

Maldorma TV is a podcast where we share our spiritual journey. Beside sharing our own journey we also perform interviews with interesting guests who share their journey.

The word Maldorma originates from the language esperanto and translates to “awake”. Esperanto was created with the intention of being used as a secondary language for all human beings on the planet. The intention was to create a language that was not connected to any specifik country and thus minimizing the risk of conflicts between people of different origins.

Tobias Ahlberg

During 2011 Tobias had an spontantous kundalini awakening which happend the first time he meditated. This would prove to be the start of a fascincation spiritual journey.

Magnus Ahlberg

Magnus has since an early age had a burning passion for spirituality and  to understand the spiritual principals. After a long time of studies a wave of experience would emerge.

Our books

A fantastic journey to the inner self. By throwing himself into the unknown the author has visited places few have visited before. What he found on the other side would change his life forever.

A thrilling story about exploring what hides within and how to navigate to your true self. With a mixture of personal experiences and logical arguments the author presents his answer to who we really are.

A book about creating more love in our lives. Through practical exercises we can change ourselves in a way which will create more love for ourself and our surroundings.


Our ambition with our events is to give you a glimps of your true nature. Keep an eye out for our lectures, workshops and courses.

We also attend spiritual fairs from time to time.

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