The Illusion

A Personal Journey Towards Spiritual Awakening

A thrilling story about exploring what hides within and how to navigate to your true self. With a mixture of personal experiences and logical arguments the author presents his answer to who we really are.

Magnus Ahlberg

The Illusion

A Personal Journey Towards Spiritual Awakening

Language: English
Published: 2015
Pages: 198

An extraordinary story on how to find your true Self. By throwing himself into the unknown the author finally found the answers to what we truly are.

“Existence is an on-going rediscovery of the self.”

This is in many ways a controversial book. It challenges both the major religions and modern science, and you may be forced to scrutinise yourself and your own values. We live in a time where a lot of people leave the old beliefs behind and at the same time feel that the materialist worldview feels cold and soulless.

In his lifelong search for answers, the author has explored places most of us never dared to visit by throwing himself into the unknown. What he have to say may shake up society and our most fundamental notions about reality, revealing a bridge between the spiritual and the physical world.

With the knowledge gained from his own spiritual experiences and his spiritual studies, he explains what consciousness is all about, how we ought to live our lives, where we come from and where we are heading. Above all, he shows that you don’t need to believe in any ideology. You can for yourself understand and experience the solution to the mystery of life.

“Every time you feel something painful it’s because you created a separation between yourself and something else. If you return to become one with what you meet, the suffering will go away. The meaning of life in the physical world is to understand that as long as you are two, you will experience various forms of pain.”


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