About Us

Maldorma is a company created by Magnus and Tobias Ahlberg during 2013 with the main purpose of spreading spirituality to the world. 

The word Maldorma originates from the language esperanto and translates to “awake”. Esperanto was created with the intention of being used as a secondary language for all human beings on the planet.

Magnus Ahlberg

Since an early age Magnus has had a burning passion for spirituality and to understand the spiritual principals. After a long time of studies, a wave of experiences would emerge.

Magnus has written two books, The Illusion as well as A Book about Love and Happiness. He hold classes in both Meditation and Heart to Heart


We publish books which we have written ourselves. In them you'll find theoretical and practical instructions which we hope will both inspire and help you on your spiritual journey.


We hold various classes where we aim to give you a glimpse of the spirit world. The purpose of the classes is to heal and give insights which can be useful for your progress on the path.


We're all on this path together. In our podcast series we share our spiritual experiences, our journey to India and bring guests to the show. All with the aim of sharing spirituality to the world.


During 2011 Tobias had an spontantous kundalini awakening which happend the very first time he meditated. This would prove to be the start of a fascincation spiritual journey.

Tobias has written the book Stepping into the Unknown and hold classes in shamanic breathing.

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