Stepping into the unknown

A fantastic journey to the inner self. By throwing himself into the unknown the author has visited places few have visited before. What he found on the other side would change his life forever.

Tobias Ahlberg

Stepping into the Unknown

Language: English
Published: 2017
Pages: 190

Tobias Ahlberg came to experience a very powerful spiritual experience the very first time he tried to meditate. An experience that lasted for a whole week before it finally petered out. After years of depression, he now suddenly experienced a state filled with an indescribable unconditional love and appreciation for life.

The experience showed him that there was something beyond the physical, something more real and genuine than anything he had previously experienced. The only question was how he could get back to that state again?
Without prior spiritual knowledge, he began searching for answers. He knew he had to get back and make sense of what he had experienced. This search would lead him on a journey full of mysteries, unexplained experiences and show him the way to the truth about the mystery of life.

His unwavering desire to at all costs get answers drove him to take a leap of faith and plunge into an previously unknown world. A world few people have visited or even know that it exists. The decision would change his life completely. We now give you the chance to follow his exciting journey into the unknown.


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