Here you will find all books published by Maldorma. 

Magnus Ahlberg

A book about Love and Happiness

This book is a pioneer in the so-called self-help book genre because the short, simple text covers all the essentials. In only a few pages, the book addresses the question that has puzzled the world’s seekers of wisdom for millennia: How do we find happiness?

You will find concrete, practical advice on how, with a few simple tools, you can change your life in a short period of time and experience amazing results.

“It’s completely impossible to give love without feeling it yourself. In other words, you give love to yourself when you give it to others.”
Tobias Ahlberg
Stepping into the Unknown

A fantastic journey to the inner self. By throwing himself into the unknown the author has visited places few have visited before. 

What he found on the other side would change his life forever.

magnus Ahlberg

A thrilling story about exploring what hides within and how to navigate to your true self.

With a mixture of personal experiences and logical arguments the author presents his answer to who we really are.