A Book About Love and Happiness

Heart to heart: Volume 1

Author: Magnus Ahlberg
Language: English
Published: 2016
Pages: 34

“It’s completely impossible to give love without feeling it yourself.
In other words, you give love to yourself when you give it to others.”  

This book is a pioneer in the so-called self-help book genre because the short, simple text covers all the essentials. In only a few pages, the book addresses the question that has puzzled the world’s seekers of wisdom for millennia: How do we find happiness? You will find concrete, practical advice on how, with a few simple tools, you can change your life in a short period of time and experience amazing results.

The change begins when you read the first page, which contains a few, simple lines that go straight to the heart and start something. Something that soon finds its way further into deeper places but at all times carries with it a light of clarity and simple love. It is a book that evokes ancient wisdom about life in a very simple and understandable way that everyone can access.

A book about love and happiness is for everyone that feels that happiness and self-love is the next stop on the trip, through the healing of both the self and others around. It is a book that will completely change the lives of everyone who embraces its message, but it also affects those who don’t read it, since the processes it triggers within the readers create ripples that give value to anyone that crosses paths with them.

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