Our Spiritual Awakening – Episode 1 – Maldorma TV

Join us for the very first episode of Maldorma TV podcast where we discuss our spiritual awakening. Magnus and Tobias Ahlberg head down memory lane and take you back to the very beginning of their spiritual journeys. They explain when they first started looking for answers to the deeper questions in life. Their quest for answers that led them to their spiritual awakening. Even though they traveled through different paths in their lives they would eventually find a common interest in spirituality.

Magnus had studied spiritual literature throughout the most part of his life. He was especially drawn to the writings of Martinus Thomsen who offered logical arguments to explain the spiritual principles. Through these teachings, Magnus would gradually put all the pieces together. Eventually, he would find his breakthrough moment where he could connect all the dots and understand the creation.

Tobias had no prior interest in spirituality and rejected it for the most part of his life. But one day he had a spiritual experience so profound that it changed his life. When meditating for the very first time in his life he would experience a kundalini awakening which transformed his perception of reality. Since that day he gained a spiritual outlook on life and saw that our existence is all one.

Having a common interest in spirituality and an urge to make something different with their lives they decided to start up the company Maldorma. The brothers have written books about their spiritual journey and host a podcast series called Maldorma TV. Please enjoy the very first episode where they talk about their spiritual awakening.