The entire universe is within You

From the viewpoint of the enlightened master, there is nothing that exists outside of me. All of you are within my experience. The enlightened master knows, through direct experience, that there is no outer experience. Think about it. All the input that comes through your senses are internal experiences. The outer world is an illusion, much like a dream. The entire universe take place within me. And therefore, I am the highest God. The creator of all that IS.

If there is a consciousness above me, and hence outside of my experience, I cannot possibly be aware of it, so why would I bother about something that is impossible to know anything about? If something that is seemingly above and outside of me enters my experience, it must­­ take place within my experience for me to experience it, and hence be my own creation and not be above me at all, since I am the one experiencing it. It would, in other words, be me as well. This includes all experiences of God and higher states of consciousness. If I experience them, they are within me. I am the one God.

You are all within me, within my experience, so I am the creator of all there is. But the interesting thing is, that I am within your experience as well. Therefore, you must be the highest God as well, whether you are aware of it or not. All that you experience, including me, is within your experience and hence you are creating it. But if you are within me, and I am within you, this must mean that we are within each other, creating each other. In other words, we are all one. One consciousness. There is no difference between us. The difference can only be in our awareness of what IS. The awareness of what IS will expand in all eternity since everything changes all the time, but as soon as I experience something new, I will realize that I have always been that, I was just not aware of it before.

When you have realized this fact, you will always live as the highest God, because you now know that nothing that you will experience in the future can change that fact. It will always be within your experience. Within you. You stop define things as higher or lower, bigger or smaller, up or down, front or back, it’s all illusions anyways. Everything can be turn around. Instead you start to focus on experiencing the NOW, whatever it happens to be at the moment. It doesn’t matter, because you know that whatever you experience, it is YOU, and it can never be any better than that. How could it? There is nothing else than you, so why bother wishing for something else? Everything you experience are reflections of yourself. You are the one God.

Episode 14 – Psychedelics and Enlightenment

During a spiritual experience Magnus received information about using psychedelics as a tool to attain enlightenment. The brothers then decided to try this out together with a group of people of seven. In the summer of 2016 they would, with the help of psychedelics, experience states of Being unimaginable.

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