The Barking Dog

Once I came across a parable that compared thoughts with a barking dog. I thought it was a very entertaining parable and since then I have found it to be true. The ego is very complex and if you’ve ever carefully observed how it works then you’ve probably seen that it always finds a way to take you away from the present moment. It’s like a barking dog that never keeps quiet. When it looks at something or hear something it starts to bark and makes a lot of noise. The same goes for our thoughts. Our thoughts tend to create a picture of what is happening and instead of finding ourselves in the present, we are drawn into the image that the thoughts created. Just like when a dog begins to bark, we lose our focus and our attention is focused on something else. We try very hard to keep the dog silent. We scream and we get frustrated when the dog does not do what we want.

This usually continues from the moment we wake up to the time that we fall asleep. We may be present a few occasions during the day, but rarely for a long time, and rarely do we find ourselves fully in the present moment. Our thoughts always want something to bark at. When you wake up in the morning, you want to check your phone, look at social media or read the magazine, so your thoughts will have something to react to. Therefore, I think it is very important that we instead begin our day in a calm place where we can be present.

Meditating can be very useful to gain control over your thoughts. Initially, when we start meditating, thoughts can become even more active. As we close our eyes, we remove something that our thoughts can respond to. All that remains is the black space and our thoughts will make everything they can to make you open your eyes. It’s all about trying to get you out of balance and coming up with things from your past or creating anxiety for the future, hoping to get you out of the present moment.

Initially, it may be very difficult to avoid this phase. The thoughts want to survive and when there is nothing new to bark at, it starts to bark even higher in panic. The important thing is to master your thoughts. Only then will the barks cease. Once you have shown that no matter how much the dog barks, you will not give in, then the dog will realize that it should be quiet and obey. The key is to show who’s the master. By not responding to the thoughts that appear, you are showing that you are in control.

Once you’ve practiced your mind it will be like a well-behaved dog. It will be your best friend who will always be there for you. And when it’s not advisable to help you, it will lay quietly next to you. In order to find the present moment, you must master your mind. It must be your best friend who will be with you when you need it, but stay quiet when not needed.