Tobias Ahlberg

Sri M

The first time I ever heard of Sri M was when Magnus shared a video he had seen a few days earlier. When I watched the video, I was initially quite skeptical, but the more I listened and focused on the story he shared, I became increasingly interested. A few moments later, I began to …

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The Barking Dog

Once I came across a parable that compared thoughts with a barking dog. I thought it was a very entertaining parable and since then I have found it to be true. The ego is very complex and if you’ve ever carefully observed how it works then you’ve probably seen that it always finds a way …

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Sombari Baba

A saint that is not that well-known in the western world was a man named Sombari Baba. A big reason for this is that he passed away back in 1919 and at that time there were very few westerners who ever had the opportunity to meet him. This was also a time when it was …

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Darshan at Mother Meera

I found out about Mother Meera through her website and felt I needed to visit her. An opportunity presented itself and I decided to go to Germany to see what my feeling meant. When I arrived at the small community of Balduinstein, I checked into the hotel and later in the evening it was time …

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Kirtan with Krishna Das

One of my dreams has always been to attend a kirtan with Krishna Das. I don’t know how many hours I have spent listening to his music. It always fills me with a sense of joy and understanding that everything is alright. Krishna Das music has also been the main factor behind many of my …

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Neem Karoli Baba

Usually when we think of holy people we think about those we have come in contact with through the religions. In the West, it is primarily Jesus who has received the most attention. But also holy people such as Buddha and Muhammad have many followers. Most of us know these people but it is far …

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